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    simply for babies

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    website design and development



Let’s go, baby! This clothing store already had 2 retail locations dominating the local scene. Still transitioning to an online store, these days is crucial. We decided to completely rebuild their website from the ground up. Wireframes with real logic and UX UI design that make shopping fun and enjoyable

The biggest challenge ahead was the number of different items this baby store offers. Different genders, different collections. As a store that relies a lot on gift shoppers and seasonal collections. The goal was to create a clear overview of all products and collections. While keeping their customer engaged.

Product page

We choose to start off with the most important aspect of a webshop. ”The product page”. Simple, and elegant but still playful enough to trigger the customer to keep reading. A good product page is not just info. Every product should have a vibe, a feeling of quality to it. Make a product page an experience, like you are still inside the store.


Despite the fact that the emphasis is on the visual component of the project, the backend is as important. Mostly what creates a nice shopping experience is a good filter system. We custom-created filters that automatically appear on the front end. Easy for our client to change and add to products. Easy for the user to filter and find their favorite items.


Seems like a no-brainer… But this aspect is so many times overlooked. A good, easy checkout will make a monumental difference in product sales. There is a lot of psychology behind a customer’s checkout. We analyze behavior and create the checkout from there. No plugin, fully custom to optimize the user experience en thus user conversion.


Smooth and buttery, but also non-standard animation is an excellent way to evoke emotion. It sets a standard for the visual identity of a website. Click on the link below and check if we nailed it!

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  • Client

    simply for babies

  • Industry


  • Services

    website design and development


Instagram stories

Sometimes our clients have their current logo already printed on every corner of the world. Then it’s not the smartest to make a new one. A cool challenge for our creatives to work with what we got and change it into something amazing, through an upgraded brand identity.  Especially online. We started by taking on social media platforms. Building new templates and creating a completely upgraded brand style for the popular baby store. The results are below…

Profile photos

Social posts

Typography and colors



14 – 57 px

Populaire Cadeaus



14 – 22 px

Onze winkel heeft kleding van Feetje, Noppies en Bess, maar ook exclusievere merken als Mayoral, Gymp en Vingino. Van 44 tot 152 maten.


Text / Button



Design elements






Girls Page



Boys Page



Unisex page


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